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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Episode 1.
  • The episode starts with alot of guys covered faces running after a girl and when they find her she asks one of them to forgive her and that it'll not happen again but they still kill her and she screams GEEETTT!!!!
  • In a courtyard a bunch of ladies are working and making masalas.
  • Then a lady asks where Geet is and Ranu comes and says that dont you think that there is something wrong with the masala and the other lady says its okay if there is something wrong but make sure nothing's wrong with Geet.
  • Ranu says dont worry god will take care of everything and then she says that first time a guy is coming to see her and that to from Canada and i hope they say yes.
  • Then paarji says they'll says yes but only after seeing her and where is she.
  • Ranu tells her that she went to college and paarji says why did she have to go to college if Daarji comes before her then they'll be trouble.
  • On the other side a bell rings and all the girls dressed in white and Blue come out and one girl runs out and another after her saying geet stop and geet says i cant today someone is coming to see me.
  • Then geet runs on the bridge where there are band people and she starts to dance with them.
  • After few minutes she leaves and runs through the market where she sees Rajji.
  • Geet goes behind her and imitates her mom and rajji gets scared and drops her food and turns around and see geet and goes back to eating golgappas.
  • Geet then asks her what wrong because she has tears and its not because of the golgappa and Rajji says she has a math test tomorrow and i found out today and didnt get to study at all now im definitely going to fail.
  • Then geet tells her that dont think too much or your hair will turn white and then she says that lodi is at night so study in the afternoon and then she says that i'll do all your work and then both of them ahead towards home.
  • Rajji gets home and she's going inside when paarji stops her and asks her where Geet is and rajji says how im i suppose to know i went to the tailor right after school because DollyBhabhi wants to get a suit fitted.
  • Then Dolly comes out and asks the tailor where his father is and he says that he wasnt feeling well so i came and the paarji says that if brij comes then he wont spare both of you and then says that if he doesnt make the tailor hang upside down then my name's not Ruchmainder and the tailor runs away.
  • Geet is running through the fields and then she reaches a scooter and calls out titu.
  • A small boy comes out and he tells geet that she 5 minutes late and geet says that its okay and then titu asks her if she remembers her promise and geet says i do but not today some other day.
  • Then titu gets sad and then geet says that you tell me something and i dont do it and then both of them get on the scooter and geet starts to ride it.
  • Then geet says that if someone sees us here then we'll be in trouble and we have to get home fast too and titu says because the Canadian guy is coming and geet says i dont want to go to Canada.
  • An old man and 2 other guys with him come to the temple and pray and then the old man sees ranjit and goes to him and says whats this i hear your daughter with someone and then he tells ranjit that its your fault and you should have keep an eye on your daughter and then he says that dont worry everything will be alright.
  • Then a lady comes to ranjit and asks him where he was and that she looked all over the place and says i cant find our daughter and daarji says go and save it before its too late and just as they both leave the mom sees a guy and stares at him and then goes and the guy goes and touches daarji's feet.
  • Then the guy says that i made him understand that either he lowers the price or else and other guy says brij i told you i'll make him understand and then he asks the guy behind him to go look for his sister and he says after what she did she cant be my sister.
  • Then Brij says that if Geet did this then what would you do chacha ji.
  • Geet's dupatta flies away and she goes behind the truck to get it and crashes into a the truck.
  • A guy comes out of his car and goes towards geet and says that wait i'll get your dupatta out and once he gets it out he sees them walking away and calls after geet but she still keeps going.
  • Geet and titu go towards the house while looking all around soo they dont get caught and on the other side brij is driving towards home with daarji and everyone.
  • Geet and titu are about to go in when the jeep comes in front of them and geet is shocked to see daarji and everyone else.
  • Then inside Daarji is hitting Geet's hand very hard with a stick and everyone is hurt and then he says that girls from this family dont go anywhere without a dupatta and your roaming around without one.
  • Geet says Daarji and daarji tells her to be qquiet and not to talk back and then titu says that its not Geet Di's fault and Brij says OYE and says who asked you to talk in between and titu says that she's getting punished because of me.
  • Then Brij says that shes a girl and she should know whats right and wrong and next time dont talk in between.
  • Then Daarji says your about to get married and your going to have to grow up but you and is about to hit her when a lady comes and says that the Boy's family is here and there in the guest house and Geet is crying and everyone else is sad 

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