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Monday, 14 February 2011

Epiosode 183

Maaneet enjoys fullmoon and twinkling stars once again. They enjoy watching the sky. Geet asks Maan how he knows all the answers for any questions? He says he reads Geet's eyes always.  As they were involved in eyelocks,they get interrupted by Annie. She wanted to talk to Maan. Geet tells him to talk to Annie.
NT tells lies about Maan to Arjun. She says Dev has decided to give divorce after listening to Maan. She says she wants to take  revenge against MSK. But Arjun just listens to her.

Maan gifts a car to his sister Annie. She is thrilled and she asks Maan to take her for a drive. During the drive, she learns that Dev’s away on personal “bizness”  he couldnot say the truth about Dev to Annie.

MSK watches Geet confused with dresses for different wedding events and she asks him for his opinion. Maan says she looks beautiful in any dress. He helps her in choosing the dress afterall She is dressing for him .
Annie wants some excitement in marriage preparations. She encourages Daadi to help her.
Maan is stunned by Geet's beauty while he passess her Maika. He wants to drown in his MISHTY's eyes. But they are again interrupted by Annie and Daadi. Having caught them, Daadi orders Maaneet that they can meet only 1/2 an hour a day. Daadi also says Geet can't go to office as they can meet in office for more than 30 minutes. Maan says wihtout Geet he can't work in office. Then Annie volunteers to help him at office instead of Geet.

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